Pet Video Verify Information and Review

Many of us today travel with our pets. Pets love going to new places as much as we do. When we take our pets along with us on trips then there is a much more risk of them getting lost and the owner cant find them. When pets get lost from our house then there is a stronger possibility they can eventually find their way home but even that is not very probable. When pets get lost when they are traveling with us, then the pet is in a foreign place with no points of reference to find their way home. In this situation there almost no chance that the pet can find their way home since they don’t know their surroundings. Even though there are a few cases where pets find their way home from long distances, they are hardly ever heard of. Pet Video Verify is a great resource to sign up for in which video identification is used to find lost pets. You will feel a lot better about traveling with your pet if you are using this resource.

With its patent pending pet video identification system, Pet Video Verify is changing how pets are identified. Statistics on today’s pets is that 1 in 3 will become lost in their lifetime. Pets also can go a long way from home, recent news stories feature pets that have been found in other states. If someone finds your pet and doesnt know its your pet might take it to a shelter or decide to keep it for themselves. Pet Video Verify’s video identification system is a safe way for someone to identify lost and found pets. This system is much safer. In fact, there is controversy about whether microchipping your pet is safe. It is important to sign up for our site now so you can upload your identification video and not wait until your pet becomes lost and not able to find your video!

Pet Video Verify keeps up with pet medical records for your pet. Medical records can be very important for your pet. Our system allows you 24 x 7 days a week access to your pets medical records. You just scan your pets medical records to your computer and then upload those records to our site. When you need the record you can go to our site and view or print them.

Pet Video Verify has a site that you can list your used pet items that you haveaccumulatedover the years. You could go to a store to find your pet items that you need but if you could just go to this site and search for what you need at cheaper prices then you the pet owner wins!


Go Fishing on Lake Erie

Sandusky, Ohio located on the Southwestern shore of Lake Erie offers a variety of marinas and boat launching facilities and amenities to allow you to enjoy the awesome sport fishing opportunities. The best time to go fishing on Erie starts in the spring and runs through the fall. Lake Erie is absolutely massive offering a real wide variety of fishing opportunities, the lake has a surface area of 9,940 sq. miles. The local community embraces fisherman that come to vacation in the area just to go fishing and there are also a large number of fishing guides that will take you out for a day and make sure that you are in tune with how to catch fish at the time of year you are visiting. Home to species such as walleye, small mouth bass, and perch. The lake, however is most known for its phenomenal small mouth fishery that draws anglers from across the country to take a crack at catching one of the many massive smallies over 6lbs that swim in its water. Both the Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW Outdoors tournament series host major fishing tournaments on this waterway each year.Visitors should be able to expect to catch fish regardless the time of year that they visit, however the Great Lakes are known for becoming treacherous due to high winds that cause lots of waves and unfavorable weather for being out in a boat.

In April, it is a great time to catch the biggest walleye or small mouth bass, but there is also a chance for more in climate weather, so consider bringing your rain gear and watch the weather forecast if fishing in the mid spring. The summers can be a wonderful time to visit and enjoy this part of the country. If the family is planning on a vacation to Cedar Point’s attractions then consider spending a day out on the lake as well for a unique experience, getting out on the water and catching a few fish.Anglers visiting for a week or longer to fish for a major fishing trip are highly advised to connect with a local tackle shop to learn about the best places to go on the lake for catching fish at that time of year. It is even better if you can schedule a trip with a local professional that can teach you on your first day exactly what lures to use, where to go, which will result in an awesome of week of catching versus not catching.Find a guide for your next fishing adventure here.

Sophisticated Sandusky: Where to Find Great Food and Wine

When people think of Sandusky and Cedar Point, they may think of corndogs and thrill rides, but once the sun goes down, there’s a lot of great food and wine to discover.

Here are a few top spots for foodies who come to Sandusky:

Crush Wine Bar

Tucked into a historic enclave off the waterfront, the Crush Wine Bar is a great place to start a night out or it can be a destination unto itself. In a chic but comfortable downtown atmosphere, Crush pops the cork on over 100 reasonably-priced wines. With lots of options for three-ounce pours and thoughtful three-wine flights (like the “California Cab Ride”), it’s easy to find something you’ll love. The food menu also lends itself to tasting with small plates that show off Mediterranean and Asian influences. 145 Columbus Ave, Sandusky (419) 502-9463.

Zinc Brasserie

Across the street, the owners of Crush offer a smaller, more upscale option at the Zinc Brasserie. French and Italian standards fill the food menu, while the wine menu tempts with some of wine’s biggest names (and price tags if that’s what you’re after). From the puff-pastry-topped lobster bisque to the last drop of world class red wine, Zinc is one of the best restaurants in Ohio. 142 Columbus Ave, Sandusky, (419) 502-9462.

J Bistro

Showing more of an urban cool side, J Bistro is another top stop for foodies in Sandusky. The locally-bent menu relies on novel combinations of super-fresh ingredients to get the job done. This creativity shines through in dishes like the Candy Striped Beets (with spiced pistachio dirt!). Chef Jesse Harris delivers on the table and he doesn’t disappoint in the glass either. A long wine list has something for everyone. 129 W Market St, Sandusky, (419) 502-2280.

Firelands Wine Co.

If drinking French or California reds in downtown Sandusky makes you feel a little detached from what’s in your glass, you’re just a few minutes from a great winery. The Firelands Wine Co. is part of a growing wine industry around Lake Erie. Take a tour, or just pop into the tasting room for an array of quality wines. The Firelands satiny Ice Wine (ironically) was awarded a gold medal by the Beverage Tasting Institute. 917 Bardshar Rd, Sandusky, (419) 625-5474.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. Below are a few more recommendations for a great meal when you visit Sandusky or Cedar Point.

Bay Harbor: Top-notch seafood inside Cedar Point? You better believe it: 1 Cedar Point Dr (419) 625-6373

Dockside: On the water, a more burger-oriented restaurant by the folks who run Zinc: 611 W Shoreline Dr (419) 503-2296.

Contributed by Elliott Brown, who writes food and wine reviews for The Red Glare and other publications.