House on the Rock Infinity Room Hours

The House on the Rock is a tourist attraction located in south Wisconsin. Opened in 1959, it is a complex of architecturally unique rooms, streets, gardens, and shops.

Attraction hours for the Infinity Room at House on the Rock are typically:

Monday 9AM–5PM
Tuesday 9AM–5PM
Wednesday 9AM–5PM
Thursday 9AM–5PM
Friday 9AM–5PM
Saturday 9AM–5PM
Sunday 9AM–5PM

Hours are seasonal and can vary. Please confirm hours with attraction before visiting.


Business Reply Mail Credit Card Applications – Tracking Codes

Have you received a per-qualified credit card offer from Capital One, CitiBank, or American Express? Most people simply disregard these and recycle or throw them away. However, all of the junk mail include one thing in common, they contain a business reply mail return postage paid envelope.

A fun way to get junk mail revenge is to simply stuff the contents into the reply envelope and mail it right back! The website Office Of Strategic Influence originially popularized the idea and has more examples and instructions on how to do it.

With some envelopes though the back of the envelope contains a “Customer Locator Code” and a bar code, invoking the fear that they know exactly who is mailing the envelope back. However, these “tracking codes” really do not track anything, and are the same across all envelopes the company sends out.  So rest assured, Capital One or any other bank has no idea who is sending their Terms & Conditions for the credit card right back at them.

List of business reply tracking codes:

  • Capital One:  0016542323019
  • Citibank: 939197876894324273524
  • Citibank: 455815442301954139991
  • First National Bank of Omaha: 025964801536

Support the USPS! Happy Mailing!


Summer Memories with Cotton Candy

Take a step back in time to the good ole’ days of summer or the last time you visited an amusement park or county fair with delicious cotton candy. Cotton candy has been around for hundreds of years, but first became popular at the 1904 World’s Fair in Saint Louis. Machines to create cotton candy were first invented in 1897 and then in 1921, ironically by two different dentists. Today’s dentists would not have approved of such an invention! Cotton candy became even more popular in the 1970s when an automated machine was created which produced and packaged the product.

Today the candy can be bought fresh at local amusement parks and fairs, and also ordered online through candy suppliers. One of the most popular national brands is Fluffy Stuff, which is manufactured by the Tootsie Roll company. Fluffy Stuff is per-packaged cotton candy which allows it to be shipped and stored at home.

Canada’s Wonderland Discount Tickets

We display the latest information on discount Canada’s Wonderland tickets on this page. If we have missed a reseller of cheap Canada Wonderland tickets, please let us know at

Canada’s Wonderland Discount Tickets: charges a $5.95 processing fee for each transaction

3-Day Advanced Purchase Adult Single Day Ticket: $39.99 (Save $20!)
Adult Single Day Ticket: $47.99 (Save $12!)

Canada’s Wonderland 2014 Prices:

2014 Canada’s Wonderland Ticket Prices:
Regular Admission: $59.99
Junior/Senior Admission: $36.99
Children 2 & Under: FREE

Cedar Point Names The King LeBron James Roller Coaster

Cedar Point will name a roller coaster The King for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cedar Point will rename a roller coaster if LeBron James returns to the Cavs.

What roller coaster will Cedar Point rename? Cedar Point has not announced which roller coaster will be renamed. The possibilities include Blue Streak, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Corkscrew, GateKeeper, Gemini, Iron Dragon, Magnum, Mantis, Maverick, Mean Streak, Millennium Force, Raptor, Top Thrill Dragster, Wicked Twister, Wilderness Run, and Woodstock Express. The top contending names to be changed are Mine Ride, Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, Mean Streak, and Wicked Twister.

While some may be surprised to hear Cedar Point offering to change a name of a roller coaster, it is not surprising from a marketing perspective. Cedar Point has several roller coasters that do not have large fan-followings that would be upset in a renaming. Even if Cedar Point does not rename a roller coaster, the free marketing receiving from the Twitter announcement offers plenty of incentive.

Microtel Inn Review and Photo Gallery

The Microtel Inn & Suites in Jacksonville, Florida is a nice value oriented hotel that is great for business travelers who need one night to stay. As the name implies, the hotel is smaller than others and that includes the rooms and amenities. The rooms, especially the single bed rooms, are much smaller than any other rooms at other hotels. The double and suites are about the normal size of a hotel room that is expected. Overall the room and hotel was clean and well kept up.

Will Cedar Point be Crowded over July 4 Weekend?

Will Cedar Point be crowded on July 4? Is July 4 at Cedar Point crowded? How busy is Cedar Point? Does Cedar Point have Independence Day fireworks? These questions are typical to be asked the week before Memorial Day.
The answer is simple: Yes, Cedar Point will be crowded.

According to The Point Online’s Cedar Point Crowd Calendar, Cedar Point will be have heavy to very heavy crowds over July 4th Weekend, with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all being extremely busy. If traveling to Cedar Point for July 4th, we highly recommend visiting the park two days and getting a hotel in Sandusky to ensure you can experience everything at the park and to avoid the traffic.

For further information, ask our experts at

Is Cedar Point Beach free?

Is the Cedar Point Beach free? How do I get to Cedar Point Beach? How much does Cedar Point Beach cost?

The Cedar Point Beach, one of the most renowned beaches on Lake Erie, is free to visit and does not require admission to Cedar Point. Visitors are required to pay to park at the Cedar Point toll booth, but then do not have any additional charges. Drivers simply keep to the left after the toll-booths and drive on Perimeter Road around to the back of the peninsula and park in the Soak City parking lot. From there it is just a short walk to the beach!

Banshee Opens at Kings Island

B&M Inverted Coaster Opens in Ohio:  The World’s Longest Inverted Coaster opened to much fanfare on April 18th.  Longer Reviews will follow but rest assured, Raptor has great company and some competition as one of the world’s best inverts.  The TPOL Leadership team believes Banshee is at the top of the list as Best New Steel Coaster for 2014.