Windseeker Now Open at Cedar Point!

WindSeeker at Cedar Point

Windseeker at Cedar Point

Windseeker, the 301-foot tall swing ride, opened June 14, 2011 at Cedar Point. Windseeker did not open with the park for the season due to construction delays with project and partially due to poor weather. The delay is ironic as the ride is called Windseeker, but was partially delayed by high winds during construction.

Fans and members of have immediately begun to praise the new ride at Cedar Point. In addition to spinning riders up the tower, which is set next to Cedar Point’s scenic beach on Lake Erie, music some popular movies is played throughout the ride, enhancing the ride experience. At night, brightly shinning LED lights encompass the carriage that lifts passengers up. The lights, spinning and swirling, are a show within itself. The ride has already fit in nicely alongside the world-class attractions at Cedar Point.

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