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Cedar Point-on-Lake Erie
Documenting the History of an American Tradition

Modern Cedar Point is known for record breaking roller coasters and some of the most intense thrill rides in the world; however, this was not always the case for our beloved park. It once was a quant beach resort known for the large groves of cedar trees that outlined the peninsula. Dating all the way back to 1870, Cedar Point first started as a bathing beach with small attractions and gradually turned in the Cedar Point we know today.

It's tradition of being an old-fashion park and having the latest amusement rides makes Cedar Point unique from most parks. Today over three million people, from around the globe, visit Cedar Point every year finding themselves surrounded by it's collection of roller coasters, rides, history, and natural beauty. This once tree covered peninsula is now one of the largest and most successful amusement parks in the world.

Welcome to our site. Learn about the extensive history of Cedar Point. From struggling through the depression facing almost certain failure to developing attractions on the same level as DisneyLand, Cedar Point itself has been on one crazy roller coaster ride.


About this Site:

The Cedar Point-on-Lake Erie website was initially launched in 1995 by Michael Bradley and the history portion added in 1999. Around 2003, this site partnered with The Point Online to widen the audience on Cedar Point's history. Several years later, due to lack of attention and updates to The Point Online, this portion of the website was lost to the web. Now in 2011, we have recovered segments of this site and have restored and updated many of the original features.

-The staff of The Point Online

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