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Cedar Point Rides: Iron Dragon

Iron Dragon

Iron Dragon Iron Dragon is a whole lot of fun. There really isn't any other way to describe suspended flying through trees, over water, and through mist. The coaster starts up a 76 foot hill, tame in comparison to many other Cedar Point coasters, and begins a series of wide turns, hills, and dives, culminating in a large helix over the Cedar Point lagoon. Iron Dragon is unique in that it is a suspended coaster. Instead of its trains sitting on top of the track, they hang from it. This means that every turn allows the cars to move up to the side, making for a very enjoyable ride. Iron Dragon is another coaster that is great for new coaster riders. Iron Dragon possesses the elements of a great coaster, without a terrifying hill.
 Quick Facts
Opened in: 1987
Built By: Arrow Dynamics
Capacity: 2,000 riders per hour
Height: 76 ft.
Ride Time: 2 minutes
Speed: 35-40 mph
 Also of Interest
Iron Dragon is located very close to the Good Time Theatre. It might be nice to catch a show there following your ride.
 Important Information
Riders need to be at least 46" to ride Iron Dragon.
Iron Dragon is smooth and pain free.
The trains feature an OSTR (over the shoulder restraint), so some larger people may have trouble fitting.

Thrill Rating: 3/5
 Average Wait Times
In general, on an average summer day, one waits 10-30 minutes for this ride. This ride is generally most busy around noon.
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Photos of Iron Dragon are available at!

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