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Cedar Point Rides: Jr. Gemini

Jr. Gemini

Jr. Gemini Jr. Gemini was opened in 1979, a year after its older brother Gemini. Jr. Gemini is located directly across from its much larger counterpart. Even after more than 20 years, like its namesake, Jr. Gemini is still popular among the youngsters.
 Quick Facts
Opened in: 1979
Built By: Intamin A.G.
Capacity: 1800 riders per hour
Height: 19 ft.
Ride Time: 50 sec.
Speed: 6 mph
 Also of Interest
Jr. Gemini is located in the middle of the Gemini Children's Area. This area features a few other rides for the little ones.
 Important Information
Riders need to be between 36" and 54" to ride Gemini
Parents may ride with their children, but only one row on the train is large enough for adults.
Thrill Rating: 2/5
 Average Wait Times
In general, on an average summer day, one waits 10 minutes for this ride. This ride is generally most busy in the early afternoon.
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Photos of Jr. Gemini are available at!

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