Will Cedar Point be Crowded over July 4 Weekend?

Will Cedar Point be crowded on July 4? Is July 4 at Cedar Point crowded? How busy is Cedar Point? Does Cedar Point have Independence Day fireworks? These questions are typical to be asked the week before Memorial Day.
The answer is simple: Yes, Cedar Point will be crowded.

According to The Point Online’s Cedar Point Crowd Calendar, Cedar Point will be have heavy to very heavy crowds over July 4th Weekend, with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all being extremely busy. If traveling to Cedar Point for July 4th, we highly recommend visiting the park two days and getting a hotel in Sandusky to ensure you can experience everything at the park and to avoid the traffic.

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Is Cedar Point Beach free?

Is the Cedar Point Beach free? How do I get to Cedar Point Beach? How much does Cedar Point Beach cost?

The Cedar Point Beach, one of the most renowned beaches on Lake Erie, is free to visit and does not require admission to Cedar Point. Visitors are required to pay to park at the Cedar Point toll booth, but then do not have any additional charges. Drivers simply keep to the left after the toll-booths and drive on Perimeter Road around to the back of the peninsula and park in the Soak City parking lot. From there it is just a short walk to the beach!

Will Cedar Point be crowded Memorial Day Weekend?

Will Cedar Point be crowded Memorial Day Weekday? Is Memorial Day at Cedar Point crowded? How busy is Cedar Point? These questions are typical to be asked the week before Memorial Day.
The answer is simple: Yes, Cedar Point will be crowded.

According to The Point Online’s Cedar Point Crowd Calendar, Cedar Point will be have heavy to very heavy crowds over Memorial Day Weekend, with the busiest day being Sunday. Sunday is the busiest day as most people are off work on Monday, giving them travel time before and after a trip to Cedar Point. Saturday will also be very busy, followed closely by Monday.

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Banshee Opens at Kings Island

B&M Inverted Coaster Opens in Ohio:  The World’s Longest Inverted Coaster opened to much fanfare on April 18th.  Longer Reviews will follow but rest assured, Raptor has great company and some competition as one of the world’s best inverts.  The TPOL Leadership team believes Banshee is at the top of the list as Best New Steel Coaster for 2014.

Cedar Point History

Today Cedar Point is known for record breaking roller coasters and some of the most intense thrill rides in the world; however, this was not always the case for our beloved park. It once was a quaint beach resort known for the large groves of cedar trees that outlined the peninsula. Dating all the way back to 1870, Cedar Point first started as a bathing beach with small attractions and gradually turned in the Cedar Point we know today.

It’s tradition of being an old-fashion park and having the latest amusement rides makes Cedar Point unique from most parks. Today over three million people, from around the globe, visit Cedar Point every year finding themselves surrounded by it’s collection of roller coasters, rides, history, and natural beauty. This once tree covered peninsula is now one of the largest and most successful amusement parks in the world.

It is our mission at The Point Online to preserve and share as many artifacts from Cedar Point’s diverse history with the world. Our archives include postcards, brochures, banners, glasses, letters and so many more one-of-a-kind items. We hope you will enjoy our collection as we share a small portion of it online. Please click a link or tag below to start discovering Cedar Point’s history.

Cedar Point on Lake Erie: The Complete Story of Cedar Point

Historic Postcard Gallery


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Woodstock Express Photo Gallery

If you haven’t already figured it out, Woodstock Express is named for the little yellow bird from the Peanuts comic strip. Woodstock Express is located right in the middle of Camp Snoopy, the Peanuts themed area added to Cedar Point in 1999. Woodstock Express is a first generation family coaster. That means that it is meant for the youngsters, but anyone can ride it, regardless of age or family relation. Woodstock Express even has an on ride photo. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Woodstock Express is located in Camp Snoopy; Woodstock Express is still very fast and you need to take your hat off.


Opened in: 1999
Built By: Vekoma
Speed: 25 mph
Height: 38 ft.
Ride Time: 1:40

3 Best Ways To Avoid Delays When Going To The Airport

In the realm of air travel, one of the things that bother most travelers is the issue of getting to the airport on time. When you need to make an air trip, you will obviously need to make a point of getting to the airport on time in order to check in at the stipulated time. However, when you live in a city that has too much traffic and other transport problems such as Chicago, this might be easier said than done. It’s normally tricky for most people to get to the airport on time, and in many cases they find that they miss their flights due to various delays. There are a few strategies that you can use to avoid this and give yourself peace of mind. These include:

Planning your trip to the airport in advance

When you know that you will need to get to the airport at a particular time, it’s always a good idea to try and plan the trip there properly. For instance, if you are thinking of using a flat rate taxi to Midway airport, you should make the booking in such a manner that the taxi gets to where you are well in advance of when you actually need it. This way, in case of any problems, you will have some room to make alternative arrangements. When making such plans, you also need to consider things such as traffic patterns. You should also schedule it in such a manner that you will get to the airport at least an hour before when you need to get there.

Use online check in solutions

These days, there are many airports that offer online check in, including Midway Airport. By using such services, you will ensure that when you get to the airport, you will not have to waste your time with issues to do with check in, especially when you don’t have any luggage. There are many times when people miss flights due to delays during check in, so by doing this you will be getting rid of this delay.

Get to the airport much earlier than you are expected to

These days, airports such as Midway offer many facilities that make it easy for anyone to work there. You can therefore decide to get there a few hours to when you are supposed to leave, and then simply do your work in the waiting lounge. This completely eliminates any chances of delay.

Tips For Preparing Your Car For A Road Trip

Whether you are planning to visit Africa or want to do a pilgrimage on road sixty six, your machine needs to be in good shape. You do not want to get stuck by the side of “we do not know what road,” trying to seek for help from motorists who do not even seem to show up. It is not only stressful it is also an agony that is filled with loneliness. To avoid all these, you need to take the matter into your great hands and ensure that the car is given thorough checks or basic maintenance.

In fact, it is during the checks that you are going to realize that some parts are worn out, so you might want to get the best Mercedes auto parts for replacement, if you own this type of car. A top notch horn can be more useful than what you are thinking now. Yes, you can verify some of the car’s parts on your own, but for the most parts, you need to rely on an experienced mechanic:

  • Fluids

You should make sure that your car has enough juice and more so, in all domains to be assured that it will function flawlessly. Some parts have filters that should be examined too. What to check includes gasoline, engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid and coolant. Other areas to check include power steering fluid and windshield washer fluid.

  • Hoses and belts

Like the blood arteries in our bodies, these belts and hoses connect the entire system of your car. Ensure that all the belts and hoses are tightly secured.

  • Tires

You already know that tires tie your car to the road. It is vital that your treads are as deep as it is recommended to ensure adequate traction. Do not forget the tire pressure. During the winter, they should be a little less inflated and closer to the maximum when it is summer.

  • Lights

Faulty lights are very dangerous as other drivers find it hard gauging their distance from you. Check blinkers, headlights and interior lighting. You do not want to ride while your lights are burnt out.

  • Brakes

Your car’s braking system should be in its top shape. There could be abnormal deterioration on the brake pedal, so ensure that the system is checked.

  • Battery

It is true that your car’s battery gets charged the more you drive, but if the battery has exceeded its natural life, it would be difficult starting the car. While at the battery, ensure that ignition and electrical systems are as perfect as new.