Blue Streak at Cedar Point

Blue Streak is Cedar Point’s classic roller coaster. Built by the famed Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1964, Blue Streak has given over fifty million rides. The coaster’s design is actually quite simple. The train travels up a 78 ft. hill, goes down, goes over several smaller “bunny hills”, makes a U-turn and heads straight back to the station. This is known as an “out-and-back” design. The roller coaster was on the American Coaster Enthusiast’s list of classic roller coasters until a change in train style in the late 90s. Blue Streak still is a pleasant coaster today. It is hard to visit Cedar Point without hearing someone tell of their first roller coaster ride, a ride usually on Blue Streak. Blue Streak is highly recommended for a new roller coaster rider, and for that matter, riders in general. If possibly try to enjoy a ride also at night or during HalloWeekends, as the cooler can change the overall ride experience.

Quick Facts:

Height Requirement: 48″
Opened in: 1964
Built By: Philadelphia Toboggan Company
Ride Time: 1 min., 45 sec.
Hill Height: 78 ft.
Speed: Up to 40 mph
Ride Length: 2,558 ft.
Capacity: 1,400 riders per hour

Blue Streak Photo Gallery: