Cedar Creek Mine Ride at Cedar Point Photo Gallery

Cedar Point’s Cedar Creek Mine Ride was built to be the centerpiece of their new themed area, Frontiertown, in 1969. Cedar Creek Mine Ride is low on scares but high on fun. The coaster starts out by quickly traversing through a mine building and starts up a 48 foot hill. Just when one thinks that one is going to crest the top and spiral down towards the earth, one realizes that it is not a hill at all. In fact, there is no large hill on the Cedar Creek Mine Ride, just a series of small bumps leading up to a helix ending. The ride, while having a wood structure, actually has steel track, making for a very smooth ride. Cedar Creek Mine Ride is an excellent coaster for new riders. The coaster achieves harmony with fun, as it is big on thrills without being big on fear. The big thrill riders won’t flock to this one, but if that was how coasters were judged, Cedar Point would only have a handful of active coasters.

Ride Facts:

Height Requirement: 48″
Opened in: 1969
Built By: Arrow Dynamics
Height: 48 feet
Ride Time: 2:42
Capacity: 2,400 riders per hour 


Photo Gallery: