Cedar Point Crowd Calendar

The Point Online has used information from past visits to produce our 2016 crowd expectations, however, we do not guarantee that the information will be accurate. The expectations are based solely on our opinions and personal experiences. There are many different reasons that could make the park more or less crowded than expected. For more detailed information on planning your trip, please ask one of our experts on our Cedar Point Forums

Days in which rain is in the forecast, the park will be less crowded, especially when it may rain in the morning. When it stops raining in the early afternoon, the park is less crowded that evening. On sunny and warm days, the park will be more crowded. If possible, it is always best to spend two days at Cedar Point, as many people underestimate the size and time it will take to experience everything. We suggest staying at a nearby Sandusky hotel while visiting to maximize your trip and purchasing Experience the Point: Unofficial Guidebook to Cedar Point for even more information.

Will Cedar Point be busy this weekend? View the date below to check Cedar Point crowds. What is Cedar Point attendance? Cedar Point crowd expectations are below, but actual attendance numbers are not public. What is the least crowded day at Cedar Point? Typically weekdays are the least crowded day.