Corkscrew at Cedar Point Photo Gallery

Cedar Point’s Corkscrew is very true to its name, featuring nothing short of two corkscrews over the midway, giving riders a thrill and onlookers plenty of fun. The ride starts with a nice sized 85 foot hill, speeding down into a large vertical loop, and then to a series of two corkscrews. Following the corkscrews, the ride comes to a screeching halt and slowly enters the station. Corkscrew, built in 1976 to honor our nation’s bicentennial, has been overshadowed in recent years with the additions of much larger coasters. This does bring advantages for the rider, though. Corkscrew rarely has a wait over 20 minutes, making it a great stop on your coaster journey.

Quick Facts:

Opened in: 1976
Built By: Arrow Dynamics
Height: 85 ft.
Ride Time: 2 minutes
Speed: 48 mph
Capacity: 1,800 riders per hour

Corkscrew Photo Gallery: