Disaster Transport Cedar Point Photo Gallery

Dispatch MasterTransport (a.k.a. Disaster Transport) was opened in 1990 as an attempt to bring a themed ride to Cedar Point. Built by ITEC Productions, the same company that builds many of the large scale attractions at theme parks, one would think that Disaster Transport would be a huge success. The theming, at one time mediocre, has gradually deteriorated. But, to their credit, Cedar Point has been working to improve this as of late 2001. The blue print for this ride was to take an existing coaster, Avalanche Run, a bobsled style coaster, and turn it into a themed, indoor coaster. The coaster part of the ride is very good. It is smooth, fast, dark, and, for the most part, a whole lot of fun. Unfortunately, the coaster is fairly short. The theme, a trip to Alaska, is unfortunately not so great. It isn’t that it is terrible, but rather that there is a lot more one could do than to wait 45 minutes for a 2 minute ride. Granted, the queue line is air conditioned, but it definitely seems endless on a busy summer day. The coaster itself features several banked turns. It is actually very fun to ride a fast coaster in the dark. Good coaster for new riders, but be prepared wait a long time for it. Disaster Transport closed in 2012 to make room for GateKeeper.

Quick Facts:

Opened in: 1990
Closed: 2012
Built By: ITEC Productions
Height: 63 ft.
Ride time: Under 2 minutes
Capacity: 1800 riders per hour

Disaster Transport Photo Gallery: