Gemini at Cedar Point Photo Gallery

When Cedar Point opened Gemini in 1978, it was opening the tallest coaster in the world. Not only was tallest coaster, but also one of the highest capacity roller coasters in the history of roller coasters, a record, unlike the height record, that remains to this day. Gemini is a racing coaster, an attribute that allows it to have double the capacity of a normal coaster. Like Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Gemini has a wooden frame and a steel track. Gemini’s trains start out of the station to travel up and down a 125 ft. hill. The trains plummet over the hill underneath another part of the coaster, and into one of several turns and medium sized dips. The coaster even allows for hand slapping on a couple parts of the layout. The ride culminates in a large helix. Gemini is a favorite of almost anyone who rides it. The coaster has an almost timeless quality to it, always giving a great ride for a short wait.

Quick Facts:

Opened in: 1978
Built By: Arrow Dynamics
Ride Time: 2 min., 20 sec.
Height: 125 ft.
Speed: 60 mph
Capacity: 3,330 riders per hour


Gemini Photo Gallery: