Mean Streak Photo Gallery

Mean Streak is massive. There is no other way to explain this conglomerate of timber in the back of the park. When built, Mean Streak was the world’s tallest wooden roller coaster. At one point in the 90s, Mean Streak had established a reputation of being very painful and bumpy, but Mean Streak has bucked this reputation following a re-tracking in 2001. Forget what you’ve heard, this coaster can be a lot of fun, evidenced by some pretty long late afternoon lines. The coaster starts up its 161 foot hill, then pummels straight into a huge over-banked turn. The train weaves in and out of the structure throughout the long ride. Mean Streak is a lot of fun, be sure to grab a ride on your trip.


Quick Facts:

Opened in: 1991
Built By: Dinn Corp.
Capacity: 1600 riders per hour
Height: 161 ft.
Ride Time: 2:45
Speed: 65 mph

 Photo Gallery: