Millennium Force at Cedar Point Photo Gallery

Millennium Force at Cedar PointMillennium Force is probably the most hyped roller coaster in the history of roller coasters. It has this distinction for good reason. How often can you go 93 mph down a 310 foot hill at an 80 degree angle? Answer: only when you are at Cedar Point. Millennium Force is huge. There is no other sensible way to describe it. The layout of the coaster takes riders “out” onto the island “and back” to the station on the Frontier Trail. Millennium Force features a cable driven lift, which means that you reach the top of this hill in 20 seconds. It also means that there is no traditional “click” noise as on other coasters. Trains are literally thrown over the top and into the decent. The decent is so angled that it appears that the train is actually going into the structure. It doesn’t stop there. The train travels up another 182 foot, highly banked hill, and then into a tunnel. The train comes out of the tunnel onto an island. On the island, several turns are performed at very high speeds before hitting the “airtime” hill on the way into another tunnel that exits the island. The train then shoots out over the queue line, makes a sharp curve, then hits the brakes. Millennium Force is out of this world. Added in 2000, Millennium Force has occupied the #1 spot on the world steel roller coaster poll for multiple years. The ride is meant to be intimidating, so be intimidated. You can let out your fear while going down the hill. There is no going back when you reach that point.

Millennium Force Photos: