Business Reply Mail Credit Card Applications – Tracking Codes

Have you received a per-qualified credit card offer from Capital One, CitiBank, or American Express? Most people simply disregard these and recycle or throw them away. However, all of the junk mail include one thing in common, they contain a business reply mail return postage paid envelope.

A fun way to get junk mail revenge is to simply stuff the contents into the reply envelope and mail it right back! The website Office Of Strategic Influence originially popularized the idea and has more examples and instructions on how to do it.

With some envelopes though the back of the envelope contains a “Customer Locator Code” and a bar code, invoking the fear that they know exactly who is mailing the envelope back. However, these “tracking codes” really do not track anything, and are the same across all envelopes the company sends out.  So rest assured, Capital One or any other bank has no idea who is sending their Terms & Conditions for the credit card right back at them.

List of business reply tracking codes:

  • Capital One:  0016542323019
  • Citibank: 939197876894324273524
  • Citibank: 455815442301954139991
  • First National Bank of Omaha: 025964801536

Support the USPS! Happy Mailing!


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