Power Tower Photo Gallery

Cedar Point wanted to add an intense thrill ride for the 1998 season. With Power Tower, they received more than they could have ever hoped for. Consisting of four towers stretching 300 feet into the air, Power Tower is a highly visible landmark on the midway. Power Tower is unique because riders can choose one of two different types of rides. The Space Shot, the two red towers, shoots riders up to the top of the ride structure, approximately 240 feet. On the opposite side, the Turbo Drop takes riders up to the top of the tower painstakingly slowly, gives them about ten seconds to think about it, then pushes them down to the earth. Unlike conventional rides, Power Tower is powered by compressed air. This means that Power Tower’s compressed air actually accelerates the ride vehicles towards the ground (or to the top). Riders’ feet dangle on this ride, making it particularly terrifying. The general consensus shows that the Turbo Drop is scarier than that Space Shot, but one only knows if he tries both sides.

Power Tower Photo Gallery: