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Top Thrill Dragster Cedar Point

Cedar Point has shocked the coaster world once again with the introduction of Top Thrill Dragster (Dragster). Dragster, a 420 foot Intamin Rocket Coaster, broke the world record held by Steel Dragon of Japan’s Spa Land when it opened. Even through breaking records is normal for Cedar Point, this time it is being done unconventionally. Rather than having a typical lift hill, Dragster shoots one of its six trains out of its staging area at speeds reaching 120 mph. The train will race up a 90 degree incline then come straight back down 90 degrees while twisting. Dragster is by far the shortest Cedar Point record breaker to date, but still is a thriller. Dragster is Cedar Point’s sixteenth roller coaster.


Quick Facts:

Opened in: 2003
Built By: Intamin A.G.
Capacity: 1000 riders per hour
Height: 420 ft.
Ride Time: 20 seconds
Speed: 120 mph

Photo Gallery: