Wicked Twister Photo Gallery

Wicked Twister Photo Gallery Cedar PointIt is ironic how appropriately named some roller coasters are at Cedar Point. Wicked Twister is no exception. Wicked Twister is called an Intamin “Impulse” coaster. This means that Wicked Twister is not a full circuit coaster, but rather a U-shaped coaster. Trains are initially shot out of the station at a speed reaching 50 mph. The train travels midway up the first spike of the coaster, then rushes backwards to the other spike. The train repeats the process on the front spike again, and comes back and hits the back spike. Finally, the train goes up the front spike one last time before being stopped in the station. At the top of every spike, a twist is present. It is hard to explain the sensation accomplished by the twist, but it certainly accomplishes its goal. Like Raptor, Wicked Twister trains cause riders’ feet to dangle. It is especially fun to ride Wicked Twister in the very front or in the very back. This allows riders to get “maximum twistage“.

Quick Facts:

Opened in: 2002
Built By: Intamin A.G.
Capacity: 1000 riders per hour
Height: 215 ft.
Ride Time: Under 1 minute
Speed: 72 mph

Photo Gallery: