WildCat is a wild mouse type roller coaster. Seems kind of ironic that a coaster called cat is a mouse type of coaster. Anyway, WildCat does live up to its name. Ignore the compact, newly painted structure, WildCat is for real. The four person cars travel up a 50 foot hill, ride around the top of the structure, then speed right down to the ground. Your train travels right back up, repeats the process, and goes through a few turns before ending in a helix. WildCat is a whole lot of fun, do not overlook it because of its size. The size only plays a part in its low capacity, meaning longer lines. Still, the lines rarely get over 30 minutes, making this coaster a great stop on your day of coaster riding.

Quick Facts
Opened in: 1970
Built By: Anton Schwarzkopf
Capacity: 800 riders per hour
Height: 50 ft.
Ride Time: 1 min. 30 sec.